Monday 23 August 2010

August 2005 - Braised Chicken with Lemon and Honey

Mmm...chocolate indeed. I love the look of Valli's warm brownie pudding with chocolate sauce. Wickedly decadent and I am sure divine. As wonderful as it looks though, I have no desire for desserts at the moment. 

When first revisiting issue # 41 there was one recipe already marked. One that I wanted to make when this issue first came out, Gordon Ramsay's Saddle of lamb stuffed with spinach. The whole dish looks and sounds so succulent with a beautifully golden roast saddle of lamb. The stuffing with a combination of mixed mushrooms, spinach, mascarpone and sage (amongst other things) sounds perfectly delectable. There were two things stopping me from making this. The first was the fact that I am trying to do a pantry/freezer/fridge month and I definitely don't have a saddle of lamb in the freezer. However I would have been willing to break that for this recipe but it has a suggested serves of 8 - 10, so even half of that is a huge amount of food and I would be eating left overs for days. So this one will have to wait until I have guests coming for dinner. 

I had Nancy Duran's Pasta with roast pumpkin, feta & basil on my menu plan for the month. When I did the menu plan I was sure that I had pumpkin in the fridge, apparently I didn't so I decided to pass on the pasta dish. I will make it at some stage though. 

I was won over by Bill Granger's recipes for Braised chicken with lemon and honey and served as he suggested with Shepherd's salad with feta. This was a fantastic meal. While it all sounded nice, I was blown away by the combination. I love chicken dishes but this one really wooed me and I am sure that I will make it over and over again. The salad cut through the richness and sweetness of the chicken dish nicely. The lemon added a lovely tang to the dish. I made half the recipe and used 4 chicken cutlets with the skin on rather than a jointed whole chicken. I would highly recommend this one.

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