Monday 17 January 2011

Jamie Oliver's Sexy Swedish Buns

I bought Jamie Oliver's Jamie does... book last year. I was so keen on the book that I paid almost full retail...shock horror. I adore it. In fact I think that I like it even more than Happy Days which was my previous favourite book of his. I also loved the television show that he did to accompany the book. His enthusiasm when in those amazing countries was just infectious. He really did make me want to jump on a plane to Morocco or Spain or wherever else he was. It all looked so much fun and, of course, tasty. 

I will admit that there was one reason that I bought this book and it was because of the Sexy Swedish Buns. The recipe sounded really good but the photos were what convinced me that I needed to buy the book and I needed to buy it right there and then. It did actually take a little while before I got around to making them though. It was, however, worth every cent to have this recipe permanently, along with so many others. The buns were absolutely divine. They turned out looking just like the picture in the book and they tasted so good. I would highly recommend making them. I didn't have fresh blueberries, as they were too expensive at the time, so I used frozen ones. I thawed them first, this is necessary as if they are not room temperature they will inhibit the rising of the dough. It is a very messy recipe to make, I used my pastry mat when I added the blueberry mix, if you have white benches like I do I think it could stain. The pasty mat worked well. I am definitely going to make these again. I am also looking forward to making more from this fantastic book.


  1. WANT! (And I don't even like Jamie... But I'll take the buns.)

  2. Thanks KK and Mr.P. I highly recommend this one, they are so tasty. I am thinking of trying them with raspberries to see what they are like.