Thursday 23 June 2011

Cake Decorating

I love this post scheduling thing. It means that I can post a pretty little 1st birthday cake that I made last weekend for a friend's daughter on my own birthday. So happy birthday to the little one and happy birthday to me. 

This cake was made from my standard chocolate decorating cake, one mix in a 23 cm pan. I split it into three layers and filled it with Donna Hay's chocolate cream cheese frosting, which is just fantastic, covered with dark chocolate ganache and then covered with white fondant. The decorations are made of fondant to represent the hungry caterpillar. I had so much fun making this cake. The smarties on the cake board were an after thought but I think that they really added something to it. I was very pleased with how it turned out, with the exception of the rather large air bubble that you can see in the icing between the apple & the pear....grrr.


  1. Katren, that is amazing! You did such a beautiful job there! And you're right, the Smarties are gorgeous but I especially love the fondant work :D

  2. Happy birthday to the birthday girl, who I'm sure was over the moon with her beautiful cake!
    And a very happy birthday to you Katren!

  3. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had a lovely day. It's a really stunning cake - I wish I were creative and talented enough to be able to decorate a cake so beautifully. I love the Smarties round the bottom too - so colourful!