Wednesday 31 October 2012

Angel hair pasta with crab, chilli & tomato

After using some of the container of crab meat for the stuffed mushroom I needed to use the rest up as it stated on the packaging that it wasn't suitable for home freezing or some such wording. Anyway it meant that I had to use it up. 

I searched around for a recipe to use it up, actually I typed "crab" into search over at Taste and just scrolled through the recipes until I found something that I liked the sound of and was willing to make on a Sunday night. I came up with this pasta dish which I had everything for except the basil. 

It was really easy to make and did taste nice it was just that I wasn't feeling my best and it just didn't sit all that well. In fact, I didn't eat all of my portion, which is almost unheard of with pasta. I am sure it I had been feeling better it would have tasted better. I was by no means bad it was just unfortunate timing. 

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