Tuesday 18 December 2012


I will get around to posting my December delicious magazine recipe in the next day or so. First though I recently entered a baking competition over on Taste. You had to pick one of four recipes to make. The prize for winning was a thermomix. 

Yesterday lunch time I was sitting talking with the vet with my email account open and in came an email with a subject line congratulating me on winning the competition. I have no idea what the woman on the phone was say nor what I replied. I will admit to literally jumping up and down after I got off the phone. 

I have wanted a Thermomix ever since I discovered they existed but I never thought that I would get the opportunity to own one. I am absolutely thrilled with winning and I am so excited to receive it. 

So the recipe that I made was Choc Christmas Cookies. The dough was a bit hard to work with. I added a bit of extra flour to see if it would help. I needed to make two batches as the one didn't make quite enough. The second batch I made in the evening when it was a bit cooler and it was a little easier to handle. I also added some ground ginger, cloves and nutmeg to make them a bit more christmasy. The cookies tasted great but I am not sure I would make the recipe again. 

Here is my entry to the competition.


  1. Completely Gorgeous Katren and your definitely deserve to win it - Congratulations

  2. Thank you Elena. I cannot wait to get it and get demo on how it works.