Saturday 22 March 2014

Bake Club - Brownies

This month over on Bake Club Challenge one of the recipe options is brownies. I was going to a friends place for a bbq one evening so I decided that I would whip up the brownies to take with me. Due to the number of people I made a double batch. It worked really well although too quite a while to cook and wasn't as done as I would have liked in the middle but still pretty good. Everyone at the bbq thought that they were pretty good. I did have some leftover but slowly ate them without taking a photo so, unfortunately, I just had to make them again. lol 

The second time I made them I used my individual brownie pan which is awesome as you get that lovely brownie edge the whole way around. These are wonderful dense, rich and fudgy brownies and destined to be my new favourite brownie recipe. As long as you use a good quality chocolate they are just perfect. I served them with some frozen raspberries that I had thawed and mashed with a little caster sugar and some double cream. 

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