Sunday 19 September 2010

September 2004 - French Toast with Banana & Maple Syrup

Goodness it seems to be taking me days to get these posts done. I get one done and have every intention of doing another post the following day but I just don't seem to. Last week was busy at work with the boss away and I was kept on my toes. Plus I made a bit of an error and now owe a favour to one of the other firms in town which I will have to tell my boss about tomorrow when he is back. I have been obsessing about it a bit over the last few days. It is nothing terrible and certainly nothing that would cause me to worry about my position but still upsets me. Once the boss is back and I have "confessed" I will probably feel okay. It is just the anxiety about it all at the moment. The anxiety doesn't really help with writing either. At least I managed to get a bunch of other work done last week. There is plenty more that I wanted to get done however I kept myself pretty busy so I am satisfied. 

There wasn't a lot of different recipes that I had marked in issue 31 as a possibility to make. The first one was Baby cos & beetroot salad with soft-boiled egg. It was a nice easy salad recipe, although since cooked, diced beets were required not necessarily quick to make. Although if you already had some cooked beets it would be very quick. It was my intention to cook the beets one evening while making dinner and then use them for the salad for lunch the next day. I am not a huge fan of soft-boiled eggs to eat on their own. However here it would help form part of the dressing even though there is also mayonnaise too. I just didn't get around to cooking the beets when I had planned to do it. In fact they are still sitting in my crisper waiting to be used. I was just looking at them this morning when I was getting something else out. They are still fine but I really will need to use them soon.

I also considered making Ben O'Donoghue's Raspberry soufflé. I don't think that I have ever made a soufflé before. At least not that I can recall and I think that I would remember something like that. I have eaten and enjoyed them before. I also adore raspberries and pretty much everything that has raspberries in it. The absolute best thing with raspberries is my Gramma's raspberry freezer jam though and any thing that it is put on or used in. I just love it. Plus it was always made with raspberries freshly picked from her garden. There is nothing like fresh raspberries. Unfortunately, fresh raspberries are incredibly expensive here. It is rare to find them below $6.00 for a 125 g punnet. That is way too much money to be spending such a small amount of fruit. I don't have the space to grow them either really. Not that I grew them when I was living somewhere that I had the space. I had always planned to but just never got around to putting in a bed of raspberry canes. Not that there is anything fun about picking raspberries but there certainly is joy in eating them. If you ever have enough for a pie my Gramma had the best recipe for a fresh raspberry pie. Oh, the main reason I didn't make these soufflés, the recipe makes six. I am on my own and don't need six. Plus I think it would be one of those recipes that you don't screw around with and even halving could effect the outcome. A lot of desserts you could make and have left overs for several days, certainly not possible here. Oh well, maybe I will make them one day.

So one morning I was trying to decide what to have for breakfast and remembered that there was a nice looking recipe in this issue and so I decided to make Valli Little's French toast with banana and maple syrup. The recipe used brioche. I didn't have any and I certainly wasn't going to make it I did, however, have a loaf of the new Scone Toast from Tip Top which I bought on a whim when shopping. I had never had it before so decided to give it a try. It made a very nice French toast, although I think that the cream in Valli's recipe also contributed to it being a lot nicer than how I normally make French toast. This is not every day breakfast fare, nor do I think the scone toast is something that would be for every day but it was nice for a change and worked well here. I didn't have any bananas to put on top but I did have some strawberries and I poured a bit of cream over instead of the suggested creme fraiche. I just loved it and will make it again. 

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  1. This looks amazing! I heart french toast so much. Making it with brioche or other fancy bread does make it a 'sometimes' food but gee it is good! xo