Wednesday 29 September 2010

September 2009 - Grilled Chicken Wraps with Chorizo Sauce

Moving right along so that I get these posts squeezed it. I did mean to get this done a lot earlier so that I could get some decent sleep tonight but it just hasn't happened. Although the time does seem to be out on these posts. I know that it wasn't 3 am when I posted last night, more like 11 pm. I should have a look at the settings here on blogger to change my time zone. Although I suppose it doesn't really matter that much. 

There were some nice looking recipes in here. Ben O'Donoghue's Spring pasta looked really good full of spring onions, broad beans and pea with a creamy sauce. Now I could say that I had only just made a creamy pasta so decided not to make another one but the truth is that I cooked from this issue long before I did the Prawn linguine with pea pesto. I am not normally keen on pasta dishes that use cream as I find it a bit rich so even with the lovely vegetables I decided to try something else. 

I was going to make Valli's Little pea felafel with radish & pea shoot salad. It looked really good and I love felafel. I couldn't get any radishes and I wasn't really sure what to replace them with. Plus the recipe wasn't all that different from the one that I usually make so I decided to make something else. 

The recipe that really caught my eye were the Grilled chicken wraps with chorizo sauce (same recipe with a slightly different name on delicious magazine UK website). I love chorizo and this recipe made it into a delicious sauce to go with these terrific wraps. I would recommend threading the chicken onto skewers. I didn't do it, I figured that I would just fry the chicken chunks in a fry pay. It made a whole lot of mess and I think that it would have been less messy with the chicken skewered. Probably even better if I had put them under the griller in the oven to cook. I used one of Mission's garlic and herb wraps instead of a tortilla. I warmed it slightly in a fry pan and served with some lettuce and creme fraiche. It was a wonderful lunch with leftovers for the next day. (Not a very good picture to go with this one, I found it hard to figure out how to photograph a wrap. ) 


  1. I stumbled across your blog earlier this week, while recovering from wisdom tooth extraction. It's more painful reading all about your delicious food than putting up with an aching jaw! I can't wait til I get better so I can try making some of these!
    Photo looks delicious!!!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments. I hope that you heal up quickly. :-)