Sunday 31 October 2010

October 2009 - Asparagus & Lemon Risotto

Well, my foot is starting to heal up but it still hurts and makes life difficult. I attempted to use my computer chair in the kitchen so that I could just roll around rather than hobbling. This was initially very successful and made life a lot easier. That was until my butt slid forward in the seat and when I reached for something the chair slipped out from underneath me and I ended up on the floor....ugh. Thankfully I didn't hurt myself any further but I did decided that the rolling chair just wasn't worth it. I have still be using it at the table though but it sits on carpet so it is not as dangerous.

I had on my monthly menu plan to make Neil Perry's Stir-Fried minced chicken with chilli and coriander. While it looks really good I am not actually sure why I chose it. It is very similar to the pork dish that I did a while ago but it is full of coriander. I mean it is even in the title. I know that I have mentioned this before but I loathe fresh coriander and substitute it in any recipe. I normally avoid recipes where it is an integral part of the dish as it can just be too difficult to substitute and if I think that the recipe will be lacking if it is substituted. So, after further reflection I decided not to make this. It was also a case of not having all the ingredients and since I was cooking from this issue only the day after I hurt my foot I wasn't in a position to be going and buying ingredients. 

I did have all the ingredients to make Lizzy Kamenetzky's Asparagus and Lemon Risotto which turned out to be very fortunate indeed. I love risotto and this one was terrific. I even love spending time at the stove stirring it. This was prior to the chair slipping out from under me so I was sitting for the cooking time which made it easier. I used my beautiful Swiss Diamond sauté pan to cook it and it was so simple. It was lovely and creamy. The lemon in  it was wonderfully tangy and really brought out the flavour of the asparagus. I truly believe that lemon and asparagus should always go together. I normally make either a pumpkin risotto or pea & mushroom risotto but this one will go into the mix now when I am looking for something easy to make for dinner. 

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