Monday 15 November 2010

November 2002 - Moorish Crunch Salad

How cute is the baby pav with the sparkler in it on the front cover? I really love it, I think it would be cute for someone's birthday. Plus the gorgeous rivulets of red berry sauce running over the glossy white of the pav and the cream is a fantastic contrast. The light blue cover makes it pop too. It almost makes you want to get up and make it straight away. However, I was recently given a KitchenAid ice cream attachment by a wonderful friend and I made myself some terrific, but very sweet and rich, salted caramel ice cream. The indulging in sweet and salty ice cream means that I really shouldn't be making any other desserts this month.

I considered making Stewart Wallace's Yoghurt and Garlic Marinated Spring Lamb. It looked really good and full of herbs and spices. However I really wanted to get making early on in the month and since I was already doing a roast from the first issue I didn't want two in a row. Being on my own there is always a lot of left overs and it would mean two roasts in one week. That would just be too many left overs for me to get through before they went bad. Looking at the recipe again now, I think that it is something that my grandparents would like so I might make it the next time I have them around for dinner.

Valli Little's Lemon Saltimbocca was also considered. I quite like saltimbocca. The combination of chicken, prosciutto and sage is fantastic. I also love lemon, especially in savoury dishes so the combination of the chicken, prosciutto and lemon slices would just be terrific. It would be something quick and easy to make after work plus it would be very easy to make for one. I didn't end up making it as I was looking for something for lunch one day and didn't want anything meaty.

I ultimately decided to make Jamie Oliver's Moorish Crunch Salad. This was fabulous for a wonderful light but tasty lunch. It was nice and crunchy, although I did grate the carrot rather than cut into matchsticks and I just don't have the patience to matchstick carrots. I keep meaning to get myself a julienne peeler but it is something that I can live without so I haven't bought one yet. I do have a v-slicer, however I find it hard to use for things like carrots as I am not sure how to use the holder with long veg, the prongs don't seem to stick out far enough. Although if I really tried I am sure I could work it out. I really enjoyed this as a light lunch and it is definitely another lunch time salad that is worth keeping. I am sure it would be good as a side dish also. 

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