Friday 2 September 2011

Warm Poached Chicken with Onion Rice & Fresh Ginger Relish

Well, the last couple of weeks have been rather difficult. I am so tired at the moment but not sleeping well. I have had a few other things going on, including one of my cats being badly injured in a fight with another cat. She is improving but it is still worrying. Plus she escaped the house on me several hours ago and has not yet come home. I can only hope that she is not out there fighting again.

I made this dish from Bill's Sydney Food a while ago now. I used a lovely organic chicken that I had in the freezer and the chicken turned out really well. I even used the coriander roots in the poaching liquid, although I didn't use the leaves. I really enjoyed the onion rice and think that I will use it for serving with other dishes. However I wasn't overly impressed with the fresh ginger relish. It just didn't seem to be cooked properly. I doubt I would make the relish again. The poached chicken and the rice I would definitely make again.  I was worried that serving it with just cucumber as a vegetable wasn't really enough so I also steamed some zucchini batons. 


  1. I hope your cat's feeling better! :-((

  2. I hope your cat is home safely now.

    This looks lovely - simple but attractive flavours. The rice looks really good.

  3. Thank you both, yes she came home just as I posted this. :)