Saturday 16 February 2013

Harissa & honey salmon

This was the first full Thermomix meal that I made. 

I have made the harissa & honey salmon before but grilled it. I should have thinned the harissa & honey mix a bit as it was more of a paste and when steaming it just wasn't right. The other thing I did was I steamed it for too long and it ended up overcooked. Overcooked salmon isn't nice, it was dry, although it might have gotten a pass if harissa & honey had been saucy.

I cooked Rice Plus in the basket in the bowl of the tmx. It is a mix of brown long grain rice, white basmati rice, pearl barley, quinoa, red basmati, black rice, black sesame seeds. I have since had it with something saucy and it was very good but it was a bit bland and dry with the salmon though. 

In the bottom of the varoma with the salmon on top I had zucchini & carrot that cooked perfectly, although I was a bit too liberal with the salt, oops. 

I won't bother with recipes since it wasn't what I wanted, expected nor came out in a good way anyway.


  1. Have a go at cooking your salmon sous vide in the Thermomix. Fill the TMX with water, pop in the basket and heat to 60 degrees.

    Grab your salmon and put in a small zip lock bag with whatever flavourings/pastes you prefer. Remove any air from the bag and close it.

    Put the bag in the water and cook at 60 degrees on speed 2 for 10 minutes, ensuring that the salmon is submerged in the water the whole time.

    Obviously you can't cook your whole meal at once doing it this way but you could make a salad beforehand to serve with the salmon!

  2. Thanks for that Sarah. I will have a go at that.