Thursday 22 November 2012

November 2012 - Poached peaches with lemongrass

So I finally got around making something from this issue. I have lost my cooking mojo a bit. It has all just been food for sustenance rather than presentable food. I really wanted to make the tarts on the cover but I just didn't get around to it plus no one but me to eat them.

I did make a lime & herb marinated chicken but it ended up being completely different than the recipe in the magazine so decided that I couldn't use that one. 

There is a fregola salad recipe that I was considering making but for some reason I just couldn't seem to get all the ingredients together at once. I also do not have fregola but I thought that I might be able to use pearl couscous. 

In the end, out of frustration at having not made something, I decided to make Jamie Oliver's poached peaches with lemongrass. They were very good, nice and refreshing. I would probably bash the lemongrass around before adding it in. I reduced the poaching liquid down to a syrup to serve with them. I have also used them chopped up on my breakfast cereal. 

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