Monday 29 April 2013

Banana Cake with Orange & Maple Sauce

I had my grandparents come for lunch on Easter Sunday. I roasted a chicken on the weber, which was less than successful. I timed it as suggested in the book but it was not cooked. So we jointed the chicken and put the pieces back in the weber. However since it had already cooked for quite some time I really should have replaced the foil as after a while it caught fire! I did get the chicken out and put the fire out but it was a bit exciting and gave a rather smoky flavour to the chicken. It wasn't a bad flavour but it wasn't exactly what I was going for.

For dessert I made this Banana Cake with Orange & Maple Sauce. It was very good.  I poured the sauce over the cake in the tin and let it soak in. I made custard in my thermomix for the first time to go with it. My grandmother was impressed, it was the first time she had seem the thermomix in action. It was awesome custard too. 


70 g sugar
50 g flour
2 eggs
500 g milk 
1 tsp vanilla 

Sugar & flour - 20 sec/sp 9
Add remaining ingredients 7 min/90 C/sp 4


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