Thursday 25 April 2013

Saffron & zucchini risotto with prawns

I made this for Good Friday, so quite some time ago now. I have been cooking quite a bit lately but just haven't been writing up the posts.  Things have been rather stressful lately both personally and at work and, to be honest, the last things I have really felt like doing is coming home and writing up blog posts. However I am on holidays at the moment so at least one part of the stress has eased and I hope to get some of the back log of posts up.

I have no religious affiliation so there really isn't any need for the seafood on Good Friday thing but even so it was a way of getting me to eat some seafood. Although I will admit that it wasn't really much in the way for seafood. I found the recipe for over on, although I didn't really follow it that much. Well, I did sort of but I didn't do the prawns as suggested. I just gave them a quick fry off rather than worrying about the rest. Yes, lazy I know.

I made the risotto in the thermomix. I am finding that I am starting to use it more now than I have previously. Although I am sure there are still plenty of things that I am doing by hand that I could use the thermomix to do. I am sure I will get the hang of using it more and more. I followed the basic risotto recipe that I did before and it turned out beautifully. 

It was all very nice but I am not sure that I would make it again. I like the colour that saffron gives to food but I am not overly fond of the taste and since zucchini has little taste of its own I think that I would have to add something with a bit more zing. Although I suppose that is what the prawns were supposed to do. Oh well, I made it and I can move on to something else seafood.

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