Tuesday 31 December 2013

December 2013 - Crumbed chicken burger with cabbage slaw and coconut mayo

I has been a very long year and I am so very tired at the moment. It seems like there was no slowing down this year. I have a number of goals for the coming new year. The first is to continue on with my swimming and keep losing weight. I also want to start cooking more and eating better than I have the last couple of months. So with the increase in cooking I hope to increase my posting on here. No guarantees but it is certainly something that I am looking to achieve. I do have a heap of stuff that I have cooked over the past few months that I have just never gotten around to posting so I will post those interspersed with new stuff. 

I was a bit let down by this issue. To be honest I didn't really want to make much out of it. The cover recipe does look awesome. There are quite a few steps involved but since this is a December/January issue I will have some time to make all the components. I may get it done for the January posting.

I decided to make the Crumbed whiting burgers with cabbage slaw and coconut mayo. I couldn't get whiting and decided that instead of trying another fish, which I don't really like, I would just do it with chicken. I wasn't super impressed with the mayo. The coconut flavour didn't really seem to come through. It was just a standard egg mayo with coconut cream and toasted desiccated coconut added to it. I think a plain mayo would have been just as good. 

The recipe had the fish done in flour/egg/crumbs and then deep fried. The flour was seasoned with lemon pepper seasoning, I added this to the crumbs. I prefer to coat in natural yoghurt and then crumbs. I find it much better taste wise. Although if deep frying the yoghurt may not work. I shallow fried so it didn't really matter. 

The coleslaw was just cabbage, it was supposed to be red & green but I didn't have any red, carrot and some of the mayo. It was rather boring and as I said before the mayo didn't have any real spark to it.

Overall it was okay but I won't be rushing off to make it again any time soon.