Tuesday 26 March 2013

Blueberry sour cream bundt cake

I was looking for something to make to take to a bbq with friends a few weeks ago. I had some blueberries in the fridge that had been there for a little while. They were still fine but thought that I would use them up in a cake. I also had some sour cream that was marching toward its use by date so went searching for a recipe that I could use both in. I hadn't used my bundt pan in a long time so I thought that it would to give it another work out. While searching I came across Martha Stewart's Blueberry lemon bundt cake. I reduced the sugars by half and it only too about 50 minutes to cook. I made a lemon glaze to put on it. I used the new CSR LoGiCane icing sugar. I was just going to make a plain white glaze but this icing sure isn't pure white and it turned into a grey murky colour so I added in, a little too much, yellow colouring paste. 

It tasted really good, it was dense though. When I first cut into it I thought that it wasn't completely cooked but it wasn't doughy like I thought it was going to be. Several people went back for seconds and that is really the mark of how good it is right?

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