Monday 25 March 2013

Cake decorating - exploding hearts cake

So not literally an exploding cake. This is the first time that I have done a cake with the wires coming out of it, so the explosion. Most of the pictures of exploding cakes that I have seen online have the cashous in the middle. However I thought that if you use those then when you cut the cake they would go everywhere. I decided that I would use coloured sugar instead and it worked really well. The hearts on the cake look a bit weird. The cutter was a bit of a weird shape but that was the only one that I could get on short notice. I will have to get myself a better heart cutter. 

I had quite a lot of problems with it. The cake was really, really soft for some reason. It is normally quite dense, perhaps I beat it for too long. My ganache didn't set and then I had problems with the fondant. Everyone was really impressed with it though. I guess that we are our harshest critics.

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