Sunday 24 March 2013

March 2013 - Sfincione Siciliano

I don't often post more than one recipe from each issue. This month I have made three things so will post all three. I also have another couple on my list to make but haven't yet made them. Hopefully I will get them made this week although I am not sure I will also get them blogged. 

There is a Gennaro Contaldo section in this month's issue. It is an excerpt from his new book Let's Cook Italian: Favourite Family Recipes. From the recipes in this issue it looks like it would be a good book but I have decided that I am not buying any more cook books. I already have so many that I barely use. 

This looked really good and Gennaro's description said that it was a traditional focaccia from Palermo. It said that the dough was supposed to be very soft. Mine wasn't, it was hard and dense and doughy. I am not really sure what happened. I did everything according to the recipe but it just didn't turn out for me. I am going to be really lazy here and say that it is a long recipe and it didn't work for me so, sorry, I am not going to post the recipe. 

It did look good though....

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