Monday 9 January 2012

Ham, Lychee & Baked Ricotta Salad

Just a quick post tonight goes with what a quick meal this was. It was incredible though. Whilst in the supermarket getting more milk I saw that the lychees were on special so I purchased a bunch of them. I just love lychees. I love to just sit with a bowl and a paring knife and just eat them. Last year I made a tart with some of my left over ham and served it with a salad that contained nectarines and it was very good. So I wondered whether ham and lychees would go together and they did, wonderfully. I had also purchased some baked ricotta while I was in the supermarket so added that in as well. I think that perhaps it might have been better with feta although I had been worried about it being too salty with the ham. For the dressing I made a simple raspberry vinaigrette which had just the perfect amount of sweetness to go with it. 

I don't really have amounts for you, I just piled some stuff on a plate until it looked right so I will just give you the ingredients. 

Ham, Lychee & Baked Ricotta Salad

Shaved ham 
Lychees, peeled & halved 
Red onion slices 
Tomato, cut into wedges 
Baked ricotta, cut into wedges
Mixed salad leaves 
Bread, toasted & cut into cubes (I used pasta dura) 


Raspberry vinegar
Olive oil

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