Sunday 25 March 2012

Chutney lamb chops

Some time ago I had to replace my refrigerator. I had been having trouble with the previous one for some time and one day I came home and it had given up so off I went and got a new one. At the time the store was having a good interest-free terms deal so I decided to get myself a small chest freezer at the same time. In my old house I had an upright freezer when I moved I sold it. I knew that I wouldn't have room for it plus I really didn't have a need for such a large freezer. Most of the time it was 3/4 empty and that really is just a waste of power. I did find though that the freezer over the fridge wasn't enough. So the small chest freezer was a great compromise. I am very pleased with it. Not long after getting the freezer I decided that it needed some filling so I purchased some bulk meat. A whole lamb, all nicely chopped up how I wanted and packaged up, a bunch of pork loin chops and spare ribs, a lot of mince and some sausages. I have been slowly using up what I bought. 

I am always on the look out for recipes for using the lamb though. I really do love lamb chops just pan fried and served with mash and vegies but some times it is just nice to have something a bit different. I have a number of different recipes saved to try out. I was very happy with this Chutney lamb chops recipe. It was so very tasty and something that I never would have thought to make myself. I didn't have a fruit chutney at home and really didn't want to buy one so I used half tomato chutney and half mango chutney. I also decided to dispense with the rosemary, not my favourite herb, as I usually find it overpowering. I served it with brown rice instead of the risoni and some steamed carrots and zucchini. It was a super simple meal but extremely tasty. I have even passed the recipe on to a couple of friends already.

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