Friday 10 May 2013

April 2010 - Spanish Prawns with Spicy Lentils

Surprise! Back to an old issue of delicious magazine. It had been a little while since I had gone back to any of the issues and made something. Although I do have to confess that I didn't pull out the issue from the bookshelf. I have had this recipe bookmarked to be made for ages and then it turned up as recipe of the day over on Taste so it seemed like it was the perfect time to make it. The added benefit was that I had all the ingredients in the cupboard for it. 

There is so much flavour in this dish it is hard to know where to start. It all melded together perfectly to make a fantastic dish. I used my own harissa paste, which has been updated since January so another post to follow. The chorizo went perfectly and added extra spice as well as flavour. I loved the idea of using a jar of roasted capsicum rather than doing my own. Not that it is hard but with the price of capsicum at the moment I think it is almost cheaper to buy the jars. Instead of using tins of lentils I cooked my own and added however much I thought was in a tin, it was probably a bit more than a tin. It didn't matter, it was perfect. I really enjoyed the prawns in it too. I also added some spinach. It was wonderful reheated for lunch and, surprisingly, the prawns reheated just fine. I have since made it a second time using diced chicken thighs in place of the prawns and some sliced green beans. I will definitely make this one again and again. 

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