Monday 11 October 2010

October 2003 - Banana Split

I want to start this post off with a goodbye and good luck to a good friend. A lovely woman who either made me smile or made me think. I never met this wonderful person but was glad to know her. Due to circumstances beyond her control she is no longer able to contribute to our lovely online group. I am very sad that our group has lost such a friendly, fun, insightful and empathetic person. It is my hope that she will still be reading this blog and know how much that I will miss her kindness, compassion and contribution. 

This issue, like all of the issues in October, are about healthy recipes and (without saying as much) getting ready for the summer ahead. I have made a lot of stuff from this issue over the last 7 years. The cheesecake on the front cover made from light cream cheese and low-fat ricotta cheese is a nice change from highly rich, full fat cheese cake. There is also a wonderful light chocolate mousse made from ricotta, custard, dark chocolate and brandy (although I always use Kalhua). 

I wanted to make a dessert one night so decided to go with Bill Granger's Banana split. It is a light version made with a split banana, frozen yoghurt and passionfruit poured over top. Bill's recipe makes the frozen yoghurt using greek yoghurt sweetened with some caster sugar and either churned in an ice cream machine or placed in the freeze until slightly frozen and then beaten this is repeated several times. However, I had a container of Bulla strawberry frozen yoghurt in the freezer for making smoothies so I decided to just use that. It was a quick, easy and light dessert. One that I am sure I will repeat over the coming summer. 

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