Wednesday 9 November 2011

Chocolate Mousse

Sorry, sorry, sorry I have been absent for so long. I was sick for a while and then was in Sydney for an appointment a visiting friends. Since I came home things have been difficult, depression has been nipping around my heels. Sapping my energy and making me lose interest in doing anything. I have so many things to blog about I hope that I can catch up. 

I doubt that I am going to get through all of the remaining recipes in Sydney Food this year and to be honest I am not really all that worried about it now. I am getting to a point where I have made the majority of the recipes that I really want to and easily can. There are a few things that I just don't want to make, a couple of the seafood dishes. I have already said on numerous occasions that I am not keen on seafood and while I thought it would be good to make myself explore some new things I am now wondering if it is worth spending a bunch of money (seafood is expensive out here) on dishes that I am probably not going to enjoy. There is also one dish in the breakfast chapter that I have no desire to make, the jam doughnuts. I am not keen on doughnuts, I normally find them too fatty for me. I am not keen on the idea of deep frying. So I think I will leave that one as well. 

Now onto this recipe, the chocolate mousse. It was like pretty much any other chocolate mousse. Standard ingredients chocolate, cream, eggs. It was way, way too rich for me and gave me an upset stomach. In the October 2003 issue of Delicious magazine there was a recipe for a lower fat chocolate mousse. I have been making chocolate mousse using that recipe ever since. It is the recipe that I will post here as it is one I would definitely recommend trying as it is easy with a great taste but without all the fat. 

Low-fat Chocolate Mousse

Serves 6 - 8

  • 200 g dark chocolate (I use Lindt 70%) 
  • 2 tsp powdered gelatine 
  • 50 ml boiling water
  • 100 g low-fat ricotta 
  • 300 ml low-fat custard 
  • 2 tbsp brandy (I prefer 1 tbsp Kahlua)
  • 3 egg whites 
  • Melt chocolate over simmering water (or in microwave if preferred) 
  • Add gelatine to boiling water and whisk until it has melted. Leave to cool slightly.
  • Combine ricotta & custard in a processor then add gelatine mixture. 
  • Slowly stir in the melted chocolate and the Kahlua. 
  • Beat egg whites to soft peaks and fold through chocolate mixture. 
  • Divide between serving dishes and refrigerate until required. 
 Low-fat mousse: 

Bill's Chocolate Mousse: 


  1. Glad your back...My hips thankyou for the low-fat alternative.

  2. Really happy to see a new post! Looking forward to reading your catch-up posts, complete with some lovely pictures I hope.

  3. Yum, that looks good.
    It's really nice to see you back!

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments. Nice to be back posting.