Wednesday 30 May 2012

Delicious May 2012 - Tuscan Bean Soup

Okay, so I know I had a little rant about this issue of delicious magazine a couple of posts ago. Seems a bit hypocritical to be posting another recipe out of it. However my views still stand on what I said. I actually made this the day after I made the gnocchi recipe. I was looking for something to make to have for lunches and this seemed like it would be very easy and with the addition of the beans nicely filling without been overly rich. 

While I was making it I found that it was a little bit bland. However I resisted the urge to spice it up a bit knowing that there was a spoon of pesto to be put in when serving. I used some of the leftover cashew & lemon pesto that I made for the gnocchi recipe. Although I did end up putting a bit too much in. It was fine though. 

This recipe is kind of dependant on sizes of your vegetables too. I had some rather large sticks of celery so I think I could have easily used just one as two was a bit much. I also thought that 1/4 of a cabbage was too much and my cabbage wasn't all that big. I ended up having to add two - three cups of extra stock. It is not a soup that can be left a with a little be less liquid and made a bit stew like as you can do with some meat soups. Probably some of the loss of flavour happened when I added the extra stock. Perhaps it would have been better if I added some extra tomatoes and some stock. Would stick to my instincts next time and add less veg if I think it is too much. 

The recipe is here on the UK Delicious magazine website. I will mention a few things. That recipe is double what wast in the Australian Delicious magazine. It also has smoked paprika, which would have been a really nice addition. All ingredients have been doubled with the exception of the cabbage which has been quadrupled. I have no idea why. I found 1/4 was too much. Unless they are talking about those little mini cabbages that you can get now. It doesn't say that though. Oh well, it was good none the less. 

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