Thursday 27 June 2013

Provencal Potato Bake

I love my side dishes. I really do like to pep up a meal with a tasty side dish. When making a main that is a bit plainer, a steak or lamb chops just pan fried, I like to make the sides full of flavour. This was one of those instances. I served this with some pan-fried lamb loin chops which were just seasoned with some salt and pepper. 

I really loved this. Although I love anything that combines capers and olives. I am not keen on rosemary, I find it a bit too strong for me no matter how little I use. I had the parsley all chopped to sprinkle on top before I photographed and served but forgot about it. It didn't really matter, it still looked and tasted excellent. I loved how crispy that they ended up. 

Recipe from delicious November 2011 - Provencal Potato Bake

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